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"You promised, and you delivered. You were inexpensive, powerful and we were able to track everything. You helped make our trade show marketing a success. If someone is debating whether or not to use your services, they should email me"
-- Michael Blechman - President, Automated Control Concepts []

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We are a company dedicated to providing services that are faster, easier, and better, at a price that is a great business value for you.

At Launchfax, our proprietary software is designed to put you in control of your faxes and emails.

We start with state-of-the-art technology from companies like Intel and Brooktrout. Then, rather than making you do more of the work to "save" you money while wasting your valuable time, we created a system that takes you seconds to manage, not hours. Rather than letting you wonder if your information was sent, we built a network that lets you watch your information in real time to make sure your jobs are being done as you requested. Rather than eliminating support, we allow you to contact us in real time via phone or on-line chat.

And at Launchfax, we guarantee that we won't ever artificially lower our price quotes, only to add back-end charges later.

But what about our prices…are we worth our weight in gold? We know you'll think so once you try us, so we offer you the Launchfax Challenge: let us do your next job for a lot less than our standard prices, one time only. Fax us your last invoice at 732-559-9001, and we'll do your first Launchfax job, up to 10,000 pages, at 50% of what you just paid - no contract, no commitment to continue, no strings attached.

What have you got to lose, except half the cost of your last job? Give Launchfax a try and see if you agree - a faster, easier, better system can be at your fingertips, today.

Click here and go straight to our Connect Up page. Fill out the information and let us know you'd like The LaunchFax Challenge. We'll contact you within 24 MINUTES and get you started.