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Fax Broadcasting
LaunchFax Fax Broadcasting is simple-to-use, desktop-based faxing that allows you to automatically send the same document, or a personalized, custom-merged document simultaneously to tens of thousands of people. This means that now you can send information quickly, easily, and economically, at the click of a mouse.

Our Clients Fax:
Press Releases
Daily Rate Sheets
Event Reminders
Special Promotions
Product Updates
Pricing Updates
Subscription Renewals
...and more

Just click: "File", "Print," attach your list and you're faxing. Your system is freed up instantly, thanks to the power of our servers and the power of the Internet. If you prefer, you can email us your document and your phone book and we'll fax it instantly. Want to manage your fax broadcasting with the touch of your mouse? You never need to waste valuable business time pre-loading your database or loading your fax literature. In fact, you’ll never spend a single moment of wasted time at your computer. With LaunchFax, you're freed up instantly. After all, time is money. So go ahead: point, click, fax, and boost your bottom line.

Email Broadcasting Email Broadcasting provides you with the capability to quickly send your HTML and/or text email to your list of contacts through an easy-to-use online interface:

  • Real Time Reporting includes identifying who has opened your email, as well as who has clicked-through on your links, allowing you to follow-up with every interested recipient.
  • Instant sending: no waiting in queues.
  • Ability to send either HTML and/or text email (in AOL version as well).
  • Full online preview and testing capabilities so that you can ensure your email is set up correctly before going out the door.
  • Ability for each recipient to opt-out and/or forward to a friend.
  • List management support: you’ll receive all bounces and opt-outs so you can maintain a clean list.
  • Full personalization capabilities: you can personalize your emails with as many fields as you desire so that your blast can be easily customized to each recipient.

Launchmailer provides you with the finest technology available in email communications. Our servers are designed to get your e-messages out faster, easier and more completely, every time. Just upload your database and your message, and we'll do the rest - instantaneously.

Inbound Fax to Your Email
If you want to digitize your incoming communications, will receive all of your faxes for you and forward them directly to your email box.

  • No more busy signals.
  • No more lost or misplaced faxes as they will come directly to you via email.
  • No more waiting at the office for a fax to arrive; you can access them anywhere.
  • Every fax you receive can be easily downloaded, read and saved to your email inbox.

Each fax you receive is provided in a Windows-standard TIFF format so you can view them on screen, print them or share them with colleagues. Setup is simple: LaunchFax can provide a toll-free or local access number for you to use so that you can either have your current fax number simply forwarded to your new LaunchFax number, or you can distribute your new LaunchFax number to your contacts.

You can receive dozens of faxes simultaneously; so no more time wasted standing by the fax machine, and no more fax busy signals. No more copying and distributing when you can just forward it to your colleagues. And of course, you’ll save on paper and ink, since you will choose what faxes to print.

Launchfax is just as convenient whether you have one or one-thousand recipients � maybe even more so. Why print the document, take it to the fax machine, type in a fax number, and wait endlessly when you�re only sending your fax to one person? Instead, click file, print, fax number, and send � ah, that�s better. That�s Launchfax, SingleFax.

Email to Fax
If you want to take a leap forward in your faxing, can help you send all your faxes, without ever leaving your chair. Send faxes directly from your email account. No more printing, carrying the paper to the fax, typing in the number, waiting for it to send….. You simply email the document to the fax number (, for example ) and it is faxed to the number you typed. No printing, no wasted paper, no waiting for a free fax machine, no problem.

Click here and go straight to our Connect Up page. Fill out the information and let us know you'd like The LaunchFax Challenge. We'll contact you within 24 hours and get you started.