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If you're using fax or email services, we'd like to connect you to today's fastest, smoothest, and most cost-effective network.

Introducing, next generation internet fax and email that puts the speed, simplicity, and savings of the internet at your fingertips.

At LaunchFax, we use the internet to launch your faxes and messages faster, connect better and have complete control over every message and broadcast you send. Our network power saves you time and money in a variety of ways while it simplifies all of your messaging operations.

LaunchFax is like having a whole communications network ready and waiting for the click of your mouse.
Just a few clicks and you are launched. It's always that simple no matter how much, how little, or how often you send. And you get on-line, real-time tracking and reporting of every campaign.

Get fired up about fax or email services. Explore our website and connect to, today. Just point, click, and LaunchFax, now.