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Incoming! Inbound Fax2Email
It’s the 21st Century – time to digitize your incoming communications. LaunchFax Fax2Email service receives all your incoming faxes on a TOLL FREE number and forwards them directly to your email inbox. What’s in it for you? A lot of nothing:

  • No more busy signals
  • No more lost faxes - faxes come directly to you via email where every fax you receive can be easily downloaded, read and saved to your email inbox at your choice
  • No more waiting around the office for a fax; receive your faxes anywhere
  • Each fax comes to you in a Windows-standard TIFF format - no downloading of any special software required – so you can view your fax on-screen, then choose to print it our and/or forward it to any of your colleagues, instantly. Since no special software is ever required, you can always email your faxes to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Set-up is easy; LaunchFax provides you with a toll-free or local-access number and you can either have your current fax number routed to your new LaunchFax number, or distribute your new LaunchFax number to your contacts. Get ready to receive dozens of faxes simultaneously, and read them at your convenience. You’ll save paper and ink, too, because now you get to choose which faxes to print out.
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