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We listened to what fax broadcasters wanted when we developed LaunchFax, the one fax network that eliminates all the delays and complications of fax broadcasting.

Have It Your Way
Wish you could fax large jobs instantly, with no limitations? Just point, click, and fax thousands at a time. With LaunchFax, you never have to break your jobs into smaller portions. We'll manage whatever you've got, in a single click.

Tired of the Merge-Wait-Repeat Game?
You know it too well: Merge a portion of your fax job, Wait endlessly, and Repeat till your job is done or you're all done in. With LaunchFax, just click once to merge and fax all the multi-thousands you're faxing. One-step, one-time.

Need More Control?
Want to set your own schedule - not just when to start faxing but also when to stop, so your faxes won't arrive past key times? LaunchFax gives you a wide array of scheduling options that let you start, stop, and really move.

Your Click Is Our Command
Click "File," "Print," and you're faxing. Click "Refresh" to see your jobs in progress, real-time. Five clicks and you're managing your own retries. Getting reports? Click.

No Waiting, No Kidding
No delays, no excuses. LaunchFax is like having hundreds of fax machines at your fingertips, plus Smart Modems for faster connections. If you pay by the minute for fax broadcasting, your time is money. And our faster fax broadcasting network saves you more of both.

Ready For A No-Risk Challenge?
How does fax broadcasting at twice the speed, twice the power, and now, half the price sound to you? Sounds good to us, too. So come on - try LaunchFax for 10,000+ pages at a one-time, guaranteed 50% less than your current outside fax service. No risk, no obligation.

Click here to download a Powerpoint Demo of our Award Winning Fax Broadcast System.

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