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At LaunchFax, we have a one-track mind. We've been fully focused on faster fax and email services since 1996. It's all we think about, it's all we offer, all the time.

Because in our world serving businesses, speed is everything.

At LaunchFax, we're constantly finding new ways to harness the speed and power of the internet to provide better services for you. Speed, simplicity and savings: it's what drives us and our network. It's what drives your costs down and your efficiency way, way up.

We've discovered the fax track to success and we've built our email network around it, with Smart technology that puts the full power of the internet at your fingertips.

Our clients like living in the fast lane with us. For clients who value the point, click, power of the internet, LaunchFax is on the money. For them and for you, we'll continue to build a better faxtrap, a faster network, a cleaner connection to success, to save you even more. We're constantly building new ways to use the internet to your best advantage. Tell us what you need and let us find the solution for you.

LaunchFax is your complete email and fax-broadcasting service.

Simply the best way to Connect Up to faster, easier, more successful fax broadcasting, now.